How to recover from an accident. Your body's natural healing potential will be awakened to obtained rapid recovery.


How to be free from acne. Research indicates that acne appears to be connected with stress involved in making the transition from childhood to adulthood. Hypnotic relaxation can have an enormously beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.


Relaxation and confidence for actors. It is often believed, falsely, that tension is good for actors. Not so - relaxed actors, who retain all the alertness and keenness necessary, are at their best.


Before the age of involvement. While this recording does not use hypnosis it nevertheless discusses sex education in a frank and natural way enabling adolescents and parents to listen to it together in an atmosphere of ease and freedom.


How to be free from anorexia. This recording will explain how people who suffer from extreme thinness can get to love their natural appearance. In fact, it is worthwhile for anyone who has a tendency to be very thin to listen to it. It does not, however, deal with the medical complications of anorexia and so people should also consult their doctor.


Many people struggle to control their responses to outside events and often exhibit severe anger attacks. This recording will help to reduce your anger to reasonable levels and express it in constructive ways.


Learn to control anxiety effectively by understanding what anxiety is and learning effective coping techniques which will become habitual.


Similar to the anxiety recording but with more emphasis on the panic symptoms and how to deal with them.


Relief from arthritis. Nothing can be done to cure the condition, but much can be done to give relief from pain and by getting the hormones to work better, general health can be improved.


You will learn to adopt belief patterns that will enable you to attract wealth into your life by eliminating negative behaviours that act to sabotage your efforts to do so.
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